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Policy & Regulations Overview

Ukraine has international obligations for the development of RES. The country also has a series of set targets in its Energy Strategy until 2035 and in the National Renewable Energy Action Plan by 2020. According to the Decision D/2012/04/MC-EnC, Ukraine has an obligation to reach 11% of energy produced from RES (including large hydro power plants) in the overall structure of energy consumption of the country by 2020. Moreover, the Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035 provides for an increase in the share of RES to 25%.
The share of renewables (including large hydro power plants) in electricity production in Ukraine is approaching 10% (as of 3Q2019).

From 1 January 2020, a state support for the new RES projects will only be possible subject to their participation in the auctions. The state guarantees to purchase all electricity supplied by a RES generator at a price that depends on the auction results plus certain bonus for the use of the equipment produced in Ukraine. Introduction of RES auctions doesn’t mean full cancellation of the feed-in tariff support system in Ukraine. Both regimes will work in parallel till 2030. Already operating RES plants will continue selling electricity under FiT until 2030.
Moreover, FiT will be available until 2030 for the following projects:
• projects of any capacity and type of RES technology that have been commissioned before 2020
• projects of any capacity and type of RES technology that have signed preliminary PPA by 31 December 2019. Conditions for obtaining FiT in such cases include commissioning of the power plant within 2 years from the date of signing Pre-PPA for solar power plants, and 3 years for other types of RES projects which will be constructed after 1 January 2020, which installed capacity is less than the capacity for which auctions are mandatory (solar projects with capacity less than 1 MW and wind projects with capacity less than 5 MW or wind projects with 3 wind turbines regardless of unit capacity can choose support regime themselves).

Wind Resources Overview

Ukraine has a significant potential for the development of renewable energy sources: both technically feasible and cost effective. The coasts of the Black and Azov Seas, the mountainous regions of the Crimean peninsula (especially the north-eastern coast) and the Carpathians, Odessa, Kherson, Zaporozhye, Donetsk, Luhansk and Mykolaiv regions are the most suitable for the construction of wind power plants.
The total potential of electricity generation from RES is more than 1 million GWh per year, while wind power accounts for the largest share (~ 85%) – 859 000 GWh.

Wind Industry Overview

By the end of 2018, 12 wind power plants supplied clean electricity to the United Energy System of Ukraine under the feed-in tariff. The volume of electricity generated by wind reached 1,180.751 mln kWh in 2018.
About 550 MW of new wind capacities have been added to the grid during 9 months of 2019. As of October 2019 total installed wind power sector capacity reached about 900 MW (small wind installations excluded)
In 2018 green electricity generated from wind saved more than 835 mln tons of CO2 in the country and avoided about 101,544 toe of fossil fuel imports or 167,915.6 tons of coal or 111.9 million m3 of natural gas.
611 specialists were directly employed in the wind power companies in Ukraine, while women account for 23% of the total employment in the wind energy sector in 2018. The total of individuals involved, directly or indirectly (machine-building complex, engineering and design, transport, law firms, etc.) in the country’s wind power sector exceeded 1 000 persons.
In 2018, the Kramatorsky Plant Fuhrlaender Windtechnology LLC (Fuhrlaender Windtechnology LLC is the first and still the only company in Ukraine to produce, install and maintain WTGs of multi-megawatt class) increased the nominal power rating of its 3 MW platform and offered the market the newest, most powerful onshore wind turbine. This model is designed in accordance with the latest European standards and meets the requirements of IEC 61400-1 and the IEC 3a wind class. It has a unit capacity ranging from 4.5 MW up to 7 MW, hub heights - from 100 m up to 140 m


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